Compact Leather Wallet, Flathead Denim - Vincent Brothers (yellow thread)

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Constructed from 0.6mm full grain wild Kangaroo leather, the Vincent Brothers Denim Double is lined with 14.5 oz denim from ‘The Flathead Co’ and hand sewn with linen thread. This wallet has four pockets, and is designed to carry up to 10 cards and cash (folded).

  • Natural kangaroo leather
  • 'The Flathead Co' denim lining
  • Banana Yellow linen thread
  • Hand made
  • Number 3 of 10 made

The natural un-dyed leather will wear beautifully over time. It measures 105mm x 155mm open or 105mm x 75mm folded. This wallet is thin and compact, whilst still feeling solid in hand.

Entirely handmade and sewn in Sydney, Australia.

Please note this item is not colour fast and will show marks and wear with use. Keep clean and conditioned to avoid dirt and stains.