Kangaroo Wallet by Vincent Brothers

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Linen thread, silk lining, kangaroo leather all natural materials made by hand in Sydney, Australia. Includes matching lined stash pouch.  

Please note this item is designed to wear and darken with use, and will develop patina over time. It is possible to retain the yellow colour with careful use and conditioning, but I like to let the cards fall where they may. 

Vincent Brothers Original 0012 - 0014

All Natural Materials

100% Kangaroo Leather Body (Australia)

100% Silk Lining (Italy)

100% Linen Thread (Hong Kong)

Made By Hand in Sydney, Australia

Yellow veg tan Kangaroo leather with Peacock Blue linen thread, floral lining (100% silk). 

Ultra compact wallet designed to thrive in every day use.

Once it has been worn in and conditioned it will comfortably fit  more than 8 cards plus plenty of room for cash. 

Approximate Dimensions:

Open: 150mm x 100mm x 2 - 4mm (empty)

Closed: 73mm x 100mm x 6 - 8 mm (empty)

Made by hand in Sydney, this wallet is made with all natural materials:

  • Linen thread
  • Silk lining
  • Full-grain wild kangaroo leather (fine grade)

This wallet is made using fine grain wild kangaroo leather (veg tan, ethically sourced), sewn with linen thread, and is lined with 100% silk. 

The smell of this item is amazing, and we expect that the appearance of the leather will develop a strong patina with use.

Please Note: The nature of this leather is such that it will absorb other colours and dirt from use, and will darken over time. This is a desirable characteristic in high quality leather.